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Giving Men's mental health a voice


We unite people, charities & organisations to create BIG conversations on men's mental health.

together, we create change.

Mantalk: The change-makers


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Snips from our BIG Conversations...

Never before has conversation around, and action on, mental health been as important as it is now and especially when it comes to men. It’s time men see vulnerability not as a sign of weakness; but a sign of strength.

Simon Thomas, Sky sports


ManTalk EVENTs

Let's Talk 


Join in the conversation as we meet with some of the most influential movers and shakers in the mental health world and discuss what it means to 'be a man'...

Coming November 2022...

ManTalk Vulnerability


Find out what's going on near you, online and across the internet from ManTalk and our partners.


Join in the discussion and share your story...

Men's bibliotherapy

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subscribe to your complete reading list for men's mental health in one wellbeing library. 


Find your book; find your recovery.

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The Facts:

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Coming 2023

When you share a story you allow another person to learn from your lived experience


Books can shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions and values around men’s identities and mental health. That's why we are putting together an ultimate guide to living, loving and embracing your identity as man. We'll be challenging "man myths" and capturing the true essence of "manhood" exploring fatherhood, relationships, body image, self-love and more...

The best bit? Proceeds from the sale of ManTalk will go to our charities to help them to continue to campaign for men's mental health.

the book

MAntalk partners

'Man up' mentality was driven into me right from early childhood; I used to hide all my anxiety behind a 'macho' smokescreen. It's toxic and so hard to shake off - but it's ok to feel overwhelmed and admit things aren't going well. In fact, the only way to overcome a problem is to talk about it, which is why these events and book are so important - it allows us to listen and speak openly about our mental health.

Jamie Beaglehole, Daddy & Dad

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