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November 2021

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What does it mean to 'be a man', anyway?

Join the conversation, as Simon Thomas, Jonny Benjamin, Alex Holmes, Dr Az, Adam Shaw, Hope Virgo, Dr James Espey OBE and Tom Chapman de-bunk man-myths. 

November 2022

What does it mean to mask emotions? IS vulnerability a weakness?

"I'm Simon, surname's Thomas... I don't know why I just said that..."

Listen in as Simon, Rhys, Shocka and Scarlett discuss men's mental health from
The Den, Millwall's iconic stadium, in London.

How is masculinity and manhood shaped by early role models? What happens if we bottle up our emotions? 

Rhys, ex international Welsh rugby player, opens up about his loss of identity following retirement due to health and Simon discusses how he has embraced sobriety after recognising that he used drinking to mask big emotions. 

Men's bibliotherapy

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