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Mantalk VoL 1

- A Trigger Author Collective


A commemorative charity book.


Chapter 1

"Real men don't cry"

Through powerful images of crying men and short stories, this chapter will aim to normalize and highlight emotion and the importance and place for it in men's wellbeing. 


Working with wellbeing photographer and men's mental health advocate Richard Harris, powerful, raw  and unfiltered images of real men expressing emotion will be interspersed with short stories from our event speakers and authors dispelling the myth that "real men don't cry". 


Chapter 2 

"Real men have no worries about their bodies"


This chapter will focus on body image, showing real men's bodies of all ages, ethnicities, body types and builds. The photography will capture the emotion of embracing body image – anxiety, pride, etc. 


Interspersed with short stories from authors and advocates highlighting the body image challenges and stereotypes that men face in 2021, our aim is to celebrate the modern man's form and all of the beauty and complexity that brings. 


Chapter 3

"Real men never fail"


Exploring the concept of men in the workplace, from boyhood dreams – with images and real-life success stories in female-dominated industries such as hairdressing, nursing and education – Richard Harris will capture pictures of young men dressing up and then meeting prominent men that have been successful and thrived in female-dominated industries to inspire young men to aim high and break down stereotypes. 


We will also focus on suits, workplace masks and stereotypical leadership. 


Chapter 4

"Real men are independent lone-wolves" 


This chapter celebrates men as husbands, fathers and family members, breaking free of gender and stereotype barriers. 


Richard will capture beautiful and moving photographs of men with children, with accompanying stories from our authors on the challenges for men in the family – raising children, being a role model and loving and showing affection openly.


Chapter 5

"Real men should man up and bury emotions" 


Suicide rates among young men are the highest they have ever been. This chapter will explore the man myth that it is easy and right for men to bury emotions and man up. 


Drawing on real-life experiences from real men, this chapter will highlight through imagery and text the necessity for recognizing and exploring difficult emotions and the importance and bravery of seeking help. 


Chapter 6

International Men's Day 2021


Chapter 6 will capture our event, the day, our guests, the speakers and their stories shared on the night. It will showcase charities, organizations and support groups, as well as the importance of sharing stories and how they can dispel myths and break down outdated stereotypes. 


The ManTalk book will raise money for the charities involved with our event: 




The Lions Barber Collective


ManTalk will form a centric part of the exclusive Trigger Book Collection and will be prominently featured in Trigger's school, workplace and community wellbeing hubs nationwide.

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